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Nursery Lane Studios Fall Art Workshops

All workshops are taught by Janette Knowles, Professor of Art and Head of the Art and Design program at Ohio Dominican University.  Sign up for either or both by contacting Janette at

Workshop I:  Foundations of Natural Dyeing

Friday, October 6th from 6-9 pm

Natural dyes are colorants derived from plants, insects, minerals, or fungi. They have a beauty and depth of color that cannot quite be obtained with synthetic dyes and they are much kinder to the environment. While dyes produced from chemicals tend to be more vibrant and sharper (and pollute the environment!), the warm, soothing colors that come from natural dyes display harmony in any combination and become even more beautiful with age. Participants will learn about the rich history of natural dyeing as well as some of the foundation processes-- from choosing your fiber, mordanting, foraging for natural dyestuffs (as well as growing them) in your own environment, how different fibers provide different results, and the actual dyeing of natural fiber.  All materials will be provided though students should provide scissors, rubber gloves if desired, and a plastic bag in which to carry home dyed cloth and fiber.

Class cost is $60 (light finger food will be provided)

Limited to 10 students 

Workshop II:  Introduction to Indigo Boro Stitching


Friday, October 13th from 6-9 p.m.


The Japanese term boro refers to the practice of reworking and repairing textiles through piecing, patching and stitching, in order to extend their use. It is associated with the indigo-dyed hemp clothing traditional in Japan before the introduction of cotton. Worn areas of cloth are patched over or older garments cut up and joined, with running stitches or areas of sashiko (running stitches sewn through layers of fabric), used for reinforcement and to quilt layers of cloth together.  Expressive stitching in the tradition of Japanese Boro is enjoying a resurgence in fashion and the philosophy of getting the most use out of everything is key to the contemporary notion of sustainability. Workshop participants will learn about Japanese Boro stitching’s cultural history and create an indigo piece inspired by its techniques and philosophy. The workshop project kit will contain everything that you’ll need to create a collage, the front of a pillow or tote, a pocket for a garment you make, or a “patch” for the back of your jean jacket.  Your workshop project kit will include a variety of types of indigo shibori (traditional Japanese tie dye) cloth such as linen, cotton, and silk as well as sashiko thread. You’ll just need to bring scissors, your favorite embroidery needles, and pins.


Class cost is $60 (light finger food will be provided)

Limited to 10 students

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